Kangaroo: A YoYoExpert exclusive trick/ Community project

So, I was gonna post this on my normal YouTube page, but I instead decided to leave the sharing to you guys. Ive made the video unlisted so only people with a link can see it. So, it is a community sharing project, and I wanted to see if you guys could do any sharing to get the views as a test.

When this video hits 300 views i’ll know you guys are true fans of Nemyo aka Owen, and I will make it public AND make a tutorial :wink:

Also, it wouldnt hurt if I could get 2 more subscribers so I can hit the nice round number of 70.

Get sharin’

I cannot get my head around how to mount this. I can do it just by putting the strings into the position, but when I try to do it like you I just can’t figure it out.

Any help? I’d love to learn this looks nice and flashy.

Well… When this video hits 300 views, i’ll make a tutorial. But since you are asking with very nice grammar, I will give you a hint on how to do it.

The mount is split bottom mount flipped upside down.

Thank you :wink: I didn’t need any sleep tonight anyway. I now have a goal that needs to be reached.

p.s I have just read the description on youtube. Looking forward to watching the “Eli Hop Innovation” video, Love learning new Eli Hop’s.

Ok… I made it public at 50 views cause im never gonna get 300 views while its unlisted :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome trick! Can’t wait for the tutorial. And now I’m your 72nd subscriber.

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YEEE I will always remember you as good ole #72

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