Kamikaze Whip

I just started learning the Whip to Kamikaze (The Reverse-Hook one that was in yoyo Wizardry) because I think I started it kinda late and I am trying to get better at slack. Any tips?

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You can try pinching the trapeze with your thumb before the whip, just to get the motion. Then keep doing that, the yotricks tut says you should practice swinging into it, don’t do it just yet. Just keep practicing and you’ll get it!

PS Many people ask about how to do a keychain whip. It is just the whip to Kamikaze without the trapeze

One important tip that I failed to notice when I was first learning it, is make sure the string is wrapped around your throw-hand the correct way. If it’s wrapped the wrong way the whip simply won’t work and it’ll be hard to notice why.

The wrap around your TH finger should be similar to how it looks for magic drop.