K-Pad Response

I’m about to buy a DNA ad I want to know what K-Pad Response is. Currently I have a M1 and a Dark Magic. It would be great if I got a yoyofactory yoyo. Can you guys help me out please? ;D

k-pads in my opinion are a lot like silicon. they give very tight binds! I have a grind machine with k pads, and it binds very well, and doesnt come back up when you tug on the string. I just have trouble sometimes with tricks like triangles, the string gets caught in the yoyo and it comes backe up when i try to dismount. but i think its because the string is catching on my sweaty hands…I want to eventually get nylon gloves!

K-pads are basically silicone pads. I find they play as well as silicone as well

Actually, they are silicone. K-Pads are actually Silicone Kentaro Pads :wink:

Can somebody tell me what GHOST Pad response is? It’s in the Hspin Pyro Light yoyo.

ya I love k-pads