KK pads help


What are kk pads. Ive been on the forums for only a month. are they like double o ring things
please tell me

(JonasK) #2

I guess you are talking about K-pads.

K-pads are basically the same as Kentaro pads. Kentaro pads are made out of textured rubber while K-pads are made out of textured silicone. They are known to maintain unresponsiveness while delivering strong and tight binds.


where whould i buy some

(jared) #4

http://yoyoexpert.com/product/yoyofactory/response/index.php here


Are you talking about K (Kentaro)-pads, or KK (KonKave) Bearings?


im mean k pads and can some post a vid or pic on where they go


I’m sure you meant “KK Pad”, and not “K-pad”. I don’t think you would just add the extra k there.


These are “KK pads”, not “K-Pads” or “KK bearings”.

These are basically pads with a concave shape, instead of an even shape. This makes it even more unresponsive.

They fit on YYJ O-ring yoyos, and are around the same size as YYJ Silicon. This means you can put them on legacy’s, meteors etc.


I highly doubt that he was talking about O-Pads when he said KK Pads. I’ve never heard anyone call them KK pads. He even said he was talking about K-Pads: