What is the difference between Silicone pads and K-pads?

I see that some of the higher end YYF yoyos use K-pads, but all I hear about is how great silicone is. If the top of the line yo’s use K-pads, why not rave about k-pads instead?

(hoping that they aren’t two names for the same thing :-[ :-\ )

They are nearly the same thing. Let’s start out with kentaro pads. They are made out of texturized rubber. Tight binds wand unresponsive play. Then to silicone pads. They are just silicone, nothing more. Unresponsive play, but not as tight binds as kentaros. Now think of K-pads as a fusion of the two previous ones. K-pads are texturized silicone pads. Which allow for nice tight binds and unresponsive play.

Addment: That’s about it. Kentaros+Silicone=K-Pads