Anyone ever heard of justgirlythings? And all of the other versions? We should have a yo-yoer version. I’ll start.

Seeing yo-yos you used to own on ebay.

Deciding on which side up in your case.

Kid on bst be like

I don’t think we should, leave the Facebook crap on Facebook.

Lubing all your yoyos on a sunny day… just yoyoer things.

Actually pretty much any vibe can be tuned out by re-balancing the halves or bearing seat, it’s just not practical for everyone since it involves removing or altering the material. The “safest” way is by using a metal lathe, but in some cases it can be done manually just too risky for most people and require a lot of patience. I’ve done manual tuning by actually sanding the yoyo surface unevenly on purpose (plastic yoyorecreation diffusion), it worked really good, I just need to polish it and you won’t be able to tell if it was modded. I still refrain from putting up a guide to keep people from ruining their yoyos, but you can PM me if you wanna know the detail.
Using teflon tape on the axle don’t fix the vibe in many cases.

Why not just yoyoer memes ?

Here’s the first one:

[><] Meme C22 XD

Found this.