Justin Bieber yoyos?

I was talking to my cousin and she said that justin bieber yoyoed in his new movie is this true?

Yup, its true. He’s won a contest and everything:


i dont think that is actually

that can’t be him

What if he actually yoyos? That will be very awesome.

I thought that was Tomas Bubak?

His name is Justin Bieber.

Insert off hand derrogatory comment about the famous pop artist or said person’s hair :stuck_out_tongue:
I personally don’t watch Justin Bieber movies, or care to know. :stuck_out_tongue: I actually saw that freestyle like 3 months ago, and I was really confused at first. :stuck_out_tongue: Wow, three :stuck_out_tongue: (4) in one post.

Yup. And yoyoing is now called Biebering.

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Yes, there is a yo-yoer named Justin Bieber, however, he is not related to the popstar.

As to the question in the original post, I do not know and do not intend to find out.


i went to his movie with my sister and he did an around the world and a trapeze

I have watched that video 100 times and it doesn’t get old. :smiley:

my sister (who has seen the movie) said that it wasnt anything
hid did a few tricks like brain twister and then hit himself in the face

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If he can yoyo sorta good then i will hate him less.
If he gets better than me which i dought cus ive gotten pretty good this last year. then ill quit lol


just watched that and its not him. Phew thank u jesus now i can hate him again lololololol

That’s just what people call him because he looks like him. His name is Tomas Bubak.



There are tons of videos of him with his real name Tomas Bubak.

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*lets a sigh of relief

A girl yoyos?!






No, his real name is Justin Beiber and his fake name is Tomas Bubak.