Just wondering...


Do you guys have any tips on how to NOT slam my head into a wall because I suck so much? I feel like I can’t learn anything new, I try new things and nothing comes from it. I’m so angry because I can’t discover anything new it feels.


Relax and take a break for a few minutes then resume that trick you are stuck on.


just give it a day stuff will click try looking at the Yoyo moves through a mirror then it’s like “oh!”


Put the slipknot on your thumb. No, really. It will help.

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Try a door. Or the kitchen counter is a nice head banging surface as well. But really, you don’t suck. If you’re who I’m thinking of, you won Juniors at MWR. So therefore you don’t suck.


Go back and do easy original tricks, like split the atom, rock the baby, etc. Another cool thing to do is start 5a, or 4a, 3a, 2a. Its fun to do that. Or just do your favorite tricks, or just make up your own tricks. Umm, or go use a responsive yoyo for a little. And learn easier tricks!


This. It inspires me, maybe it will 4 u


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Must resist saying “Stop sucking so much”… MUST RESIST.

K, just practice bruh. I smash my head into (non existent) walls because of how much I think I suck. Just keep throwin dog and mess around with different stuffs and dont worry about it,.


You think you suck? Whaaaaaaaaaat…


Nope not me haha


An thanks guys. I guess I just need to calm down.



EDIT: lol not talking to me. Whoops


I was talking to Nemyo.


Yep. I figured that out. He thinks he sucks. I KNOW I suck.

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Pillows work well. Still slamming, but it hurts less.


The only video of yours that ive seen is the 5 places one. An that was a really good and entertainining and you did NOT suck in that.


Thanks. :slight_smile: I sometimes have self esteem issues so forgive me for seeming melodramatic or an attention hog. I just sometimes second guess myself.


sometimes, when I’m stuck, I like to imagine a cake… Floating, right in front of me… Can you see it?

Ok, that’s from jack the giant slayer. But seriously though, sometimes when I feel like I’m in a rut, or just plain out missing tricks, I take a brake. Message my hand, clear my mind, and envision what I need to do. And sometimes if I pay close enough attention when I mess up, I can replay what I was doing in my mind. An then I try and see what needs to be fixed. Good luck, and you don’t suck, leech’s do.


Dude, your tricks have a flow and complexity that IS SO FRICKIN HARD TO DO

And u taught me stuff

U do not suck


Watch one of your videos… Then watch one of mine… You’ll feel a lot better afterwards :smiley: