Just want any major updates i missed.

I havent been actively posting in like 3 months, and have rarely checked things out. Anything major i missed out on? Anyways, when the summer started i kinda lost interest in yo-yoing, but recently my interest in yo-yoing has returned, so i’m back (and not much better then before haha)!

Accidental Thank you.

Ummm, yeah, well while you were away an asteroid came by and destroyed all of civilization. Blew us right back into the stone age it did.

Ohhh, and BTW, bcmaddog won Worlds this year.

  1. G2 came out with the quake. Its really good

  2. Haru got Banned

  3. People are selling clyws new plastic, the yeti, that costed 40$, for 120$

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Again? Wow haha. And $120 for a plastic yoyo is a load of crap. That is truely ridiculous.

well people are over reacting that it’s sold out that’s what’s going on.

Prestige came out at Nats.

Overreacting? No. $40 is too much for a piece of molded plastic. $80 is absurd.

Yeah…$40 sounds like a bit much for a plastic…that’s just my opinion though.

When did Haru get rebanned?

As for updates,i got promoted to admin. So it is definetely a tighter ship around here.

It was tough this year. Luckily I had my trusty barracuda.


Btw, I emailed André about putting Professional under my name.

I don’t believe he was banned I believe things got heated in a thread and he is just in hiatus for a while. I hope he rejoins us.

This made me choke on a dilly bar…

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A dilly bar is one of my all time favs.

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I am sponsored by MegaSpin now, the hot new company that came out with three new throws. Baeloni being the most popular one, followed by Butswets and Speidr Webes

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