just thought id let u guys know

Hi Guys,

just thought id let u all know that i received my new Hectic and C13 today, and they are both awesome.

the c13 is so smooth and easy to use, its just a little tricky to grind as its not bead blasted, but its still new so i imagine the more i play with it the easier it will get.

and the hectic is awesome for grinding, it reels really good in the hand.

you should all rush out and buy them

Awesome. Glad you’re happy. I know I am with my Catch13.

I have a c13 and boss coming my way i can’t wait. It’s my first time ordering through YoYOExpert. I hope every thing goes as smoothly as it has from yoyo Nation & yoyo guy. HOpe to be throwing them both next week at some point. WHoooo0p!!!

Yeah, don’t worry. YoYoExpert is great.