Just Stripped my Beef :(


I have a beef that came to me vibey. i was a little ticked cause i was told by the guy it was dead smooth and im kind of a vibe nazi. long story short i ended up stripping both the yoyo and the axle trying to eliminate the vibe. i kind of want to get it re tapped. first qustion, if i get it retapped, will it still have the same vibe it had before, make it better, or make it worse? if it will stay the same or make it better, is there anyone who can do that for me?


Should have left the guy some bad feedback. Chances are, the re tapping won’t fix the vibe, and how did you even strip the axle? However, since you since you also stripped off the anodize, then that might have fixed the vibe.


i have no idea how i managed it. bump.


I may be wrong but I am pretty sure landon balk will do it for you…not sure how much he charges though…If i remember correctley someone recentley had their yoyo retapped on here…might have been zerrubabel…but im not sure