Just some pics.

What year did you get that SS ??

you have a protostar?
those are the best!
i will be getting one soon
a red one soon
those are nice pics though

Sorry guys, Its not a Superstar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its something from BIST. Im not quite sure what the name of it is though.

Looks nice

its a centauro trinity by BIST.tell me,how do they play,do you get your moneys worth even though it doesnt come with a string?just pm me.thx.nice pics btw.

Sorry for the late reply but it’s a centauro slim. Great little yoyo.
Also who cares if it doesn’t come with a string? How much do strings cost these days? $.05 each? heh.

maybe those 100 pack of hilights idk