YOU can buy any of these or trade or whatever i realy dont care…

genesis was mint untill brother decided to sand it a lil then i just got pissed and sanded the whole thing lol… ummnn lets say… 70$$ OBO

next is a great looking superstar. it is a gravitskey edition superstar. so its blue with white splash and it has some dings in it but u cant realy see it unless you look. it plays like new and is my very favorite yoyo… paid 135 for it so ima ask 115… OBO

next is a henrys cobra… blue … rubber… enough said i guess like 10 bucks… just throw in 10 bucks if you buy one of these and ill add in your box…

next is a shinwoo phantom… first yoyo ever… has lots dings in it of course 10 $ ill sell you shinwwo and the cobra for 15

next is mighty flea… its the original. has no dings like new… 20$

next is… well thats all… shipping is 5$ for all… any questions pm me… or text me at… 850-357-4217 just text me and ill send pics… cause i cant find out how to post them here sorry

Hey, Im wondering if you still have the mightly flea? How does it play and does it have vibration? Also, what year is it?
Thanks, Yitzer