Just realized why I love the Code 2 so much

So I got a used code 2 off the bst and it instantly felt amazing and familiar. Looking at my old starter throws today, I realized it’s almost an exact metal copy of the sage/onestar. Surprised I just noticed this, but considering it’s a what I learned all my basics on, it makes sense that the code 2 feels so awesome and familiar. Does anyone else have these two yoyos? If so have you noticed this as well?


Let’s see

OneStar Code 2
diameter 55.3mm 56mm
width 43.5mm 44mm
weight 62.2g 66.8g


Pretty darn close modulo weight, so I’d say this is an accurate observation!


Pick up a YYF Rockstar, 7075 or 6061 they both are pretty close. They’re literally a metal Protostar, which is the shape the One Star and Sage are based off of.

How on Earth did you make this? The side by side comparison of stats and profile, that is


I guess my google fu isn’t strong enough because all my search results show the Rockstar isn’t sold anymore.

Type in yoyofactory rockstar on google. Very first link

Sure, and that takes you to yoyoexpert.com’s webstore. But the Rockstar appears nowhere in that store. And if you put “rockstar” into yoyoexpert’s search bar, you get nothing (except a mention in the ad copy for some axles).

I think your google is broken because that’s not the website that shows first for me :joy:

Ah, so another store has it. Coolio!