Just noticed this


So I recently bought a purple with silver speckle AC. I was in a real rush to buy it because there was only one in stock. After I bought it, it said there were 0 in stock, but I checked later that day, and it said that there was 1 in stock again. Is this a glitch? This happened with my Supernova as well.


Maybe a glitch, or possibly when you ordered it and they went to grab it, they noticed an extra in their inventory. I bought a catalyst once and they emailed me saying they had none, the computer glitched. So I guess it works both ways


When the went to get your AC they might have found as another accidents happen people miscount


Oh, ok, gotcha ;D


I’ve heard that sometimes they keep one in the back for awhile, in case something is defective…for exchanges. When there are no problems, that one that was put aside, gets put in stock.

I once saw an Arctic Circle restock, but the photo was up from the last run. So, there was no option to choose the color I saw in the photo. I thought they had blue blizzards left, so I emailed looking to get one, thinking there was an error. It turns out those were out of stock, but they happened to have one in the back. ;D I bought it. It’s one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen too. They put a good one aside, for sure:

arcticcircle by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

arcticcircleb by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


This is most likely the case or an order was changed or cancelled.