In Stock or Out of Stock

I was thinking, it would save a little time to have a little label beneath the yoyo icon saying, “In Stock” or “Out of Stock.” I know it seems like I’m being lazy, but it’s useful when I’m checking for restocks and what not.

I was actually thinking this too. It is a little annoying to have to check every color option to see if there are any left.

This is genius!!!

Haha thanks. Want YYE to see this. ;D Was unsure if it would work.

I agree. I think this would be nice.

Same here. Restock on long stack kit thingy please? My dad’s going nuts trying to find them… A simple red flag at the bottom right corner of the picture would be fine.

This would be nice. At least YYE does go through their stock once in a while and delete color options that aren’t in stock anymore

I think they remove colors that aren’t going to be produced anymore or that they can’t get anymore for whatever reason.

I still can’t wait for the white Unleashed to get back in stock. I’m just going to have to be patient.

I say this is a good idea.

think would be very helpful

B-U-M-P yes this is a great video

Those probably won’t ever be stocked. Were discontinued a few years ago.

With the new LED FHZ Pulse, and the Duncan Pulse loopers, you can just cannibalize those to get a lighting kit if you so desperately need one. The Pulse costs almost the same BUT has two lighting kits in it(one/side).

Now that I have the FHZ Pulse, I have no desire for that kit unless I decide I need a light-up 4A throw.

I was just thinking this a few days ago. Good call.

I agree. When I was a noob, I spent days looking at the legacy 1 to see if it restocked.I eventually gave up and bought a YYF Pocket Change. It totally sucked. (both the yoyo and the fact that I couldn’t get a legacy)

I’ve kind of taken a “no compromise” approach.

If I want something, I will get that. Now, sometimes I go BST and don’t have a huge selection of colors, but if I wait it out, I can often get one in a color I can live with AND a price I can. I intend to have these for a long time, might as well be happy with it, right?

Then again, there’s always the chance that you could have gotten the Legacy and not liked it as well. Please note I am not slamming the Legacy, just saying how preferences play a big factor. I am looking at getting a Legacy II fairly soon.

Also, you can always email the staff at YYE to see when and if it will back in stock. They’ll answer. They are nice!

I know. Actually, I just ordered the Legacy II…