Just got a new duncan dragonfly


I need help becasue my dragonfly whenever i do a string trick it sometimes go’s back up automatically ???


You may have a knot or tangle in the string down around the bearing.


You need to take some time to breaking the brake pads and the bearing, you should also keep in mind that the dragonfly wasn’t designed for more complicated string tricks.


Check knots or wraps around the bearing, as Studio said. Also, you might be throwing the yoyo slightly crooked: most of the highwall is the cork pad, so string rubbing against it could make it come back up. Also, make sure you aren’t putting any slack in the string as that yoyo is very responsive, which is what makes it good for tricks like Robin Hood and Spaghetti.

Keep on practicing tricks with the Dragonfly. When you move to a more advanced yoyo, you’ll be a lot better. That yoyo should get you through intermediate level tricks with no problem.


yah i used that SAME throw for my first tricks i learned!! i progressed from it to a DM2 in about a month.