My Duncan just won't fly...

I just bot a duncan butterfly for the heck of it, and i can’t get it to sleep at all. Ive loosened the string, and even tried mineral oil. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of how I can get it functioning. I would have to say this yoyo is pretty lame.

well i also have a butterfly and it is a little tricky to use if you didnt yoyo back in the day about 10 year ago. Back then the butterfly was a nice yoyo. so just keep it as a keepsake.

try loseing the string even more and put grapite around the axle.

I agree. I also have a butterfly(i dont use it for that reason). For me its VERY sensitive to the jerk of my hand. It will come back up immediatley, so i just try to keep my hand very still when i throw. other than what robert said im not sure what you could do. :frowning: