Just got a list of the ILYY's in the name these contest. Some surprises.

While you all got all the names correct. I was off on some of the numbers produced and even a finish. So here straight form the source, is the facts. there is even a cleb in the group. tim
1: OG Wasabi I think it’s a prototype as well since Dom used this one in the PsYOpaths 2 vid. In this case there 20 made.
2: Void. From the first run and I think the only one that was left raw.
3: E1NS 1 of 90 in 09.
4: E1NS 09 UK Edition 22(turns out this is a 1 of 1 prototype for the 22 run)
5: Team Edt. Sakura 1 of 10
6: Sakura WLYYM Edt. but with a purple half instead of a regular green one. I think 1 of 1 as well.
7: Liopleurodon '10 83 were made
8: Noctu Racing Stripes Edt. 15 were made, now discontinued
9: Enigma LB Powdercoat 1 of 1
10: Torino green half is from the WLYYM '10 special Edt. 1 of 2 in this color combo
11: Enigma SB Pre-Pro 5 were made
12: Trifecta Falcon 100 were made
13: Enigma B-Grade.
14: All Titanium Falcon 100 were made, now discontinued.