Just an idea

(Alex Fairhurst) #1

In light of the recent development concerning Heath and “The Works” project I have a proposition for the community. Why don’t we, as a community, start our own fundraiser for the ACS?

We could auction off our VsNYYC throws, maybe even some involved in the original “Works” project. Honestly, any yoyo would do. And we could then send the proceeds to a trusted community member (Someone who could keep tabs on all proceeds, keep us up to date on the project, and of course provide a receipt) to donate to the ACS. I would volunteer to do this myself, but I don’t think I’m a well-known enough community member to really get people to stand behind me.

I understand this is no small undertaking and it will never truly make up for what heath did. But it would show the world, and ourselves that we are capable of coming together and doing great things.

So…What do you think?