"Judges ready... Player ready..." audio request

Hey there guys.

I’m looking for a freestyle video that has the “Judges ready… Player ready…” audio clip in it. Doesn’t matter who the player is, I judge need the audio clip.

I was poking around youtube trying to find an example buy I couldn’t. I’m sure that someone here has an example :slight_smile:


I will make those recordings from Stu at next CalState and BAC. That’s the best I’m willing to do.

If you can point me to a YouTube video via PM, I’ll extract it for you and get it to you. I’m not gonna bring out a small recorder to Nationals and get Stu to say the magic words for you.

I can edit it myself, all I need is an example of it in video form. I know there must be an example out there somewhere.

Thank you for the offer, though.

Not great audio, but they say it @0:25

I find the problem with the video is that it’s typically run through a DJ-type controller. That in and of itself is not the problem. The problem is too much bass due to the proximity effect caused by the mic user being CORRECTLY on top of the microphone. DJ controllers typically do not have an EQ adjustment for this mic input. Once put through the PA, the system EQ may be bumped as well, but most importantly, this effects overall clarity and intelligibility. At this point, EQ only removes low-end, but the lack of clarity and intelligibility has already been lost.

I roll off the bass on the mic input since I’m running through a mixing console, not a DJ controller. There’s typically not a whole lot I need from a vocalist below 150Hz, but sometimes I gotta lower that to 120Hz, depending on the vocal. I just engage a high-pass filter or hard EQ in shelving mode to take care of it.

I’d recommend grabbing this clip from Jensen’s 2011 Worlds performance. You get the added benefit of the audience being quiet.

Find which one works best for you. They are all about as clean as you can get it. I will be getting Stu clean and clear at CalStates and BAC next year as I’m gonna run video recording side stage. It won’t be the best angle but I want some documentary for the event.

Exactly what I needed. Thanks!