Journey to Becoming a YoYo Master!!! NEW EPISODE!!!

hey everyone i finally got a new episode for my series filmed! so enjoy it! its a bit sloppier than what i usually put out but i just dont really want to look better than i am! so ive been throwing for 8 months now and this is basically what i can do! (minus a few thing here and there)
also i know it’s been awhile but… im back now! =D

link for mobile users give me some feedback! =D

I read the title on the thread and the first thing that popped into my head was the Pokemon theme song. Great fun video. I especially love the Shady dance at the start XD


Haha thanks so much! Pokemon is the main influence for the title! =D

This is really good. (One thing though) Your style and tricks seem close to Jensen Kimmitts’. In the future I could see people accusing you of stealing his stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: Other than that, keep it dope!


Well, if you’re going to have to steal someone’s style, Jensen’s not the worst candidate =P


Haha. Gotta love Jensen

Loved the video!
There were a lot of elements that were repetitive throughout the video, but nonetheless you had great tricks and are on a good start to your “Journey to Becoming a YoYoMaster”.

guilty… I’ve been watching him a lot and maybe his style is rubbing off on me (hes my favorite player) actually that second trick (the bouncy one is his) i just learned it the other day so i probably over used it in my combos, but as for my triple or nothing combos i came up with them on my own=D (not saying I’m the first to do it) thanks so much for the feed back! next week ill try to work on my own style… (I’ve heard it’s really smooth?) If anyone wants to know how i am progressing be sure to check out my other episodes to my series. episode 2 is really when the series really gets started (3 is a little stale just some tricks i learned)so you can skip that one and go to 4 :wink: and thanks kei! i know i did have a lot of repetition this is only because i really wanted to make a vid yesterday(lame excuse) but i started filming an hour before a class… so i had to cut filming short! will work on my variety for next weeks episode!

Awesome stuff, Cant wait to see them :<