Made a little video today!

Hey guys. I made a new video today.
Check it out and let me know what you think!

Been throwing for like 9 or 10 months.
These are some of my favorite combos.

Throws Used: CLYW Gnarwhal & Arctic Circle
String Used: Nylon Kitty String
Song: Gramatik - Got To Be In All The Way

That was excellent. Very controlled and smooth flow. Some really slick elements in there. Also glad to see it was filmed out of doors! Was throwing outside today, too; first time the weather’s been good enough in god knows how long.

I don’t have any grass in my yard, it is all brick. That is why I have been reluctant to film outside. I found a roll of old carpet in my garage, so I laid some down over the brick. I won’t have any problem shooting outdoors anymore!

Also, thanks for the kind words.

Pretty sweet man. I was digging on all of it. I think the music matched your flow pretty well too.

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Not too many mind blowing tricks but what’s there is so smooth! Nice job!


Daang dude, you should battle Stephen (Hipposlovecereal) in a “The best noobs in yoyoing ever” battle!

Haha you totally arent noobs in skills, but I meant it in time you have been throwin :stuck_out_tongue:

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