*NEW VIDEO* I have been playing around with some things!

Hey Y’all,
Its has been a month or so since I have made a video. I have been doing a lot of things, been very busy, not busy enough that I cant figure out new things!! Hope you guys like it, feedback is appreciated!


Nice video… But some tips for your next one: If you decide to film outside shine a light on yourself. Use bright neon string and a bright throw as well…
I had trouble seeing what was happening in your video. Thanks for sharing though :slight_smile:

haha yeah I was workin with an iphone camera, a light on the side of my house, and a string I have twisted out of a bed sheet, I don’t have money for string at the moment. lolol. thanks man!

I was able able to see it pretty well. Nice stuff! You made that string out of a bedsheet? o.o

Anyways, I subbed

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good job man, I could see well haha. I thought you was gonna do the asian pop goofy hop when I saw you asian pop haha.

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Great stuff! Lighting outdoors is hard stuff. I ended up using a $5.00 (on sale; $13.00 regular price) halogen work light from a distance, not aimed directly at me. There were still some shadows I could have done without, but it worked “OK”.

Glad to see you’re still at it; seems a bit slackier than some of your past stuff, which is cool. Branching out!

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Lighting outdoors is tricky! I am flattered that you’ve noticed the change in style! ive always loved slacks, suicides, whips and all that good stuff, just haven’t had those in the middle tricks for them, but now that I have figured out how to do that slacky thingy you will be seeing more slack from me!

Thanks man! Yeah I haven’t worked the asain pop goofey hop into a combo, I was just plaing around and figured this out today.

Thanks Broseph! I appreciate the sub! and yes I made it out of a bed sheet, I had made over 200 of them while I was incarcerated, tried seeling them in packs to make some money for my fines but no one really wanted them, so I have been throwing, I only have one left hahaha. but yes, bed sheets hahahaha.


yored just curious how is it being a father so far? (if your wondering you posted about it a while ago)

haha that was just a crazy ex girlfriend thing, she was a liar. Here’s lesson kids… don’t LIE.