First video

My first video, its not the best clips or editing but I really wanted something up, so I threw it all together in a night and it didn’t end up too shabby.


Wow! That was pretty good!

Just some filming tips. Try to wear darker shirts… We can see the string better that way. Was that a blacklight I saw? They work best in the dark. :wink: You just look like you glowed. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, also, from the head cam view… Try to get something dark under you so that we can see the string. :slight_smile: Also, when you are filming… Try to get an area with a good amount of light.

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Thanks for the feedback i will definitely take all those tips and make a new video ASAP! :wink: The indoor lighting is a tough fix because its like -5 outside right now and a few day blizzard but ill push threw it! :smiley:

I understand perfectly! Have you ever tried having lamps point at you at different angles?

No but thats a great idea!