any tips for filming during a sunset or when its near dark?


alright so my next video idea (also probably one of my worst ideas) is that i want to film with the fireflies outside cause i can. Soo trial and error already the film quality sucks. So, there any tips for coloring that stand out while filming? like clothing, yoyo string or and tips i can do with my camera so it doesn’t look awful? my camcorder has a white balance on it would that help in any way? i just want the film to look halfway decent. (because its eventually going to go downhill in the editing anyways)


Use lights? A night vision camera?


I don’t know if it transfers to the camera, but I do notice when it’s getting dark/ around sunset, I find my string to really POP even though its dark out


Same Here.

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One thing you could try if you need your string to pop is using a black light (and clothing that wont be affected). The neon color of the string would pop a lot better in the low-light situations and become much more visible.


This insanely glowing yoyo string

and a glow yoyo or glow mod


thanks for the help also please note most of my filming is not near my house i would not have a power socket in the middle of a field.