Joo's remaining proto sales! 1 Juvenility available!

My feedback is here: Feedback for IoSonoFormaggio/JooNotJew

My proto design notes here: Joo's First Prototypes: Extensive Design Notes!

I’d very much prefer using Paypal F&F but G&S is possible as long as you cover fees.

I’m selling the remaining yoyos I have left from my prototyping journey. I’m putting up the third model in the design notes: Juvenility up for sale.

This is a Titanium rim/cap one piece structure bimetal with 7068 aluminium for the body. It’s inspired by Editionyoyos Aspen, with the shape and specs being inspired by the Turning Point Mustang and UNPRLD Nostalgia.

54.5mm diameter x 42.5mm width

It plays very light and floaty. It also feels very comfy and easy to maneuver on the string like a nice comfy monometal would, but don’t let that feeling fool you as the spintime and performance definitely is in a class of high end bimetals. If you want bimetal performance with a yoyo that feels nice and comfy as well as a touch of floatiness I’d highly recommend this.

Selling for $150 each shipped within the CONUS. I’m shipping with USPS Priority so it should arrive quite quickly.

Each yoyo will come with an extra high quality bearing and plenty of string. I’ll label all of the extras so you know what you received.

The yoyo themselves will be strung up with my handmade silk string that’s very durable and whippy.

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