Yo what’s up guys it’s bf_throws back again with items for sale! I’ve been trying to clear out my collection and keep it down to about 20-40 throws. These are all the ones I wouldn’t mind re homing. These yo-yos deserve to be played, not collecting dust.

Not looking for trades at the moment.
Please add $6 for shipping in the U.S. Outside of the U.S. we can work something out.

Here’s some group pics, pm for more pictures and info! All prices are obo, feel free to offer, bundle deals welcome!

First up:

-Auldey Kutex NM W/ Box Unique Titanium rim Bimetal design this yo-yo plays really well, but for the original $350 price tag, this yoyo didn’t gain much popularity. That being said, the Kutex is a killer yoyo. The design is so obscure, with the ti rings separating the AL7, you would think this thing would be a vibey mess. Quite the opposite, this thing is really quite smooth. Almost glass, but not quite. This yo-yo has a lot of power and stability, but somehow is still pretty agile. There’s not a lot of float here, but there’s a hint to keep it from being a brick. Which means this thing is a powerhouse of a competition yoyo. For this price, you just need to give it a try tbh. $120

-C3YoyoDesign Galaxy Diver 7075 V2 NM no box glass
Smooth $80 one of my favs for a long time. Very wide, very solid, very powerful. Agility is not its strongest quality but it’s not really lacking either, in this model at least.

-Offset Yo-yos Mobius minor ding on brass rim minor nail vibe doesn’t effect play at all $80 SUCH A BIG YOYO, big yoyo lovers need to at least try this thing. So big, so wide, goes bong, mega power house. Still floaty, but in a very slow motion feeling way. Stellar throw.

-Sengoku Hattori and Monometal counterpart Ashigaru Both smooth with a few dings in ano. Would love to sell as a bundle for $110, but will sell individually if need be. Hattori $85 wind sound, but still does all my tricks with ease… this thing is weird in the best way possible.
Ashigaru $35 one of the best jack of all trades monometals I’ve ever tried. Very predictable, very agile, good power, binds at low rpms, it’s wonderful tbh.

-YoyoFriends Raytracer couple scratches glass smooth asking $55 smack dab between solid and floaty, jack of all trades type Bimetal.

-Mythril Yo-yos Flux NM W/Box $65 plus $6 shipping is the lowest I can go honestly. If it sits, it sits. This throws too good to let go for lower imo… really wish I liked organic yo-yos. some serious organic power.

-Toybania Machination Ti rim H shape NM no box $60 basically a big ti rim winglet. You’ll love it.

-Yoyofactory Bimetal Superstar Halfswap both halves USA made no damage is smooth $55 feels similar to the hypothesis v2 but with a little less float.

-Duncan Orbital GTX one minute nick is smooth. Wide, feels like a feather, but is just stable and powerful enough to get through your comp routine. $57

-Duncan Yoshicuda X some wear on the gold coating on ss rims. Is even all the way around, so it looks kinda dope. Glass smooth. Compact but still a handful with some serious graceful power $57

-YoyoFactory Meerkat couple minute nicks and an ano burn you can’t feel or even hardly see. Wide and angular, very solid feeling. Glass smooth. $45

-TopYo Dominator halfswap no damage has nail vibe 7/10 $30 big n beefy with some float

-Yoyo Zeekio Ride NM smooth fun, floaty, n big. $45 feels similar to goodlife gully but lighter

-Yoyofactory ND Ultra some scratches is smooth $40

-YoyoZeekio Lunar Wind stellar Monometal glass smooth feels like a G2 yoyo. NM no box $50

-YoyoFactory Zodiac Nm $30

-YoyoFactory Uppercut NM $old

-FTY Spectraply Wooden Fixie wonderfully smooth and stalls amazingly $50

That is all for now. Thanks for looking! All prices are obo shoot an offer!


Bump! M+, Wildfire, Marco, simple, Blackside customs, Omniscent, and speedaholic max all gone.

Cloudberry and OG Elite pending until Thursday!

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Bump for some price drops! Bundle deals welcome! Get up to $10 off each yo-yo when bundled :slight_smile:

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Bump, some stuff gone, nostalgia mobious, don, oracle, flux, and yoshicuda added! Get ‘em while they last!

Been listening to fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra today and it’s been the vibe. Bump for that lol

My throws:

“Shoot me to the moon, let me fly toward the stars!”

Sorry… couldn’t resist a Sinatra joke. :rofl:




Some updated prices, still lots of really awesome yo-yos here! Bundles to be had at 20% off total for two yo-yos and 30% off total for 3 or more! Hmu!

Oh and bummmmp

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Also, would it be beneficial to delete the pictures of yo-yos already gone? Idk if some people appreciate the potential eye candy… lmk

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Bump! Saw doctor strange multiverse of madness tonight, highly highly recommend if you’re a marvel fan.


Post revamped! Some things gone, lots of goodies left! Japan Tech and Sengoku Bundles added! Get these Bimetals and their monometal counterparts for a FRACTION of what you would pay! Prices obo of course so shoot an offer!



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Bump! Shoot any offer

Some prices updated! Take a gander! Some of these prices are the lowest I’ll go but if you buy more than one I’ll be more swayed to take more $ off

Bump! Help me get a hyrdrogen crash!

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Bump! Couple things gone, was able to get my hydro crash! Still some good stuff for sale! Buy 2 yo-yos and get 20% off your total! Excluding the Sengoku bundle price. If you buy the Sengoku bundle, shipping fee will be waived (within U.S. only).

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