Joint pain

Found a similar post but it didnt seem to get a great answer. I had taken a long break from throwing. Back into it and am getting pain in my middle joint of my middle finger. Never got this when I was throwing years ago. It’s almost a going to be tendonitis pain. I wear my string between the top and middle joint of my middle finer like I used too. I was thinking tape as a shock absorber? Maybe this is happening just because I’m getting older. Also thinking it may have started when I was going hard on a popstar. That thing plays like a rock


Actually playing with the finer it might actually be the top joint


I’ve had similar problems. I usually ignore it, but occasionally it’ll worry me a bit, so I hook my index finger under the string when I throw a breakaway. Alternatively I just kinda brace my index finger against my middle finger pretty hard to kind of act as a brace as I throw… Works for me anyway, YMMV.

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