Johnnie DelValle's Slack Trick - Let's Play Yo-Yo - Ep. 008

(MikeMonty) #1

Here’s episode 008 of Let’s Play Yo-Yo. In this one I learn one of the many slack tricks that JD Steel (Johnnie DelValle) created to win himself the titles of Regional, National, and World champion back in 2003. Don’t immediately assume because a trick has been around for 10 years that it is easy… This was a beast of a task to accomplish, and roughly at that.

I also answer a question by a YoYoExpert user, atombomb3r, about learning tricks as a left handed thrower.

Hope you guys enjoy! :slight_smile:


(UmeNagisa) #2

Wow, that is one heck of a trick.
Now, time to slow down the slightly slower unclean one
And time to learn this beast.
Thanks for inspiring me yet again, to throw better :slight_smile:


I love these episodes :slight_smile: How many are you going to make?


I enjoyed the entire video!


Awesome video… That trick is sick n thanks for the answer to my question.


Awesome stuff, gonna try to lern the first few parts, the rest is too much for me to handle xD

Ahh… I gotta learn that eli hop thingy and GT you did :smiley:

8 months of throwin and the toughest trick Ive learned is probably ladder escape, that was a pain in the *** to learn but it was rewarding after I did.


I have looked at ladder escape several times…it makes me question my own skills and confidence in myself =(


Ladder escape and Superman are 2 tricks that I never seem to care enough to learn. I should change that…


@Lefty i’m working on Superman now. I pretty much have it down except for the last toss back through the triangle. Wish you the best of luck if you start working on them.


My initial goal when I started throwing was to learn Ladder Escape, cuz back then I thought it was like the toughest yoyo trick, or at least the toughest on this site, and now here I am, Ive learned it but still havent learned half of the expert tricks and most of the master tricks :smiley: … still an awesome trick though ;D

(MikeMonty) #11

aznnboyaZ: Thanks! I am planning on putting together a trick video showcasing the tricks I learned in the first 8 episodes, so there will be slow motion of all the tricks so far. But it will take a while because I will need to perform the trick flawlessly for that video lol…

MYNAMEISZen: Thank you! I haven’t decided. I figured I would keep making them until it’s not fun to do so anymore. But that’ll be a long time off, because though this is all unpleasant during the process of learning the trick, after it is learned I get an awesome feeling of accomplishment, kind of like working out at the gym, so in that way I think it will always be fun! :wink:

MiamiBuddha: Thank you! :smiley:

atombomb3r: My pleasure bud, thanks for watching and for asking :slight_smile:

andy569: I need to refresh myself on ladder escape, been so long since I last performed it that I can’t even remember how it started. Good luck picking up the start of this one, it’s an awesome trick but it’s a pain in the *** lol :slight_smile:

(UmeNagisa) #12

That’s gonna be fun xD

Check your PMs man!


I just discovered this series and I LOVE it.
I will keep watching.

Also, good luck on aqueous. That trick is insane.


Are you ever going to compete at any more contests? You should!


I decided to try and land Ladder Escape first, but I can’t execute the slack portion at all.


He’s trying to learn new stuff so I’d say he may be planning to do some comps.


Do it slowly at first, that part was tricky for me too :stuck_out_tongue:

(MikeMonty) #18

According to this book on Mastery I’ve learned about through an acquaintance, it is better to emulate the best first, then you innovate. The purpose of this series is to force me to learn hard and awesome techniques so that when I do start making my own tricks again, hopefully they’ll be insane. I would want to use the tricks in freestyles. I’ve always wanted to win 1A at Nats…


Doesn’t everyone?

Ok, so I’m a little curious about something. Are there some tricks you see that you think are way too insane and don’t even consider them or do you consider every trick?

(MikeMonty) #20

andy569: If it is filmed clearly enough anyone can learn it. It’s just the willingness to take the time to do so. Now if it requires that you be able to dislocate your shoulders or have a third arm, that would technically be impossible for some. But I have a firm believe that if someone has already done it this it is possible for anyone to learn.