is it normal?


to skip all the grinds, a big potion of slacks, whips, and lacerations on the ladder? i really have alot of trouble with these tricks, but i learned many of the more technical tricks smoothly and land them more constantly (today was my first day even trying white buddha, now i got it memorized and can do it slowly . took me a month to learn laceration, and i still up to now cant do iron or jade whip…) my question is, is this a bad thing? this means ill fail at the ladder if i ever compete in one. just asking for advice. THANKS!


I’ve never paid attention to the trick ladder. I do try to stick with the tricks in order here in the YYE learning area, but there’s stuff I have problems with and instead of stalling to death on them, I’ve skipped them for now but I come back from time to time when I want to frustrate myself a bit. I feel it’s still necessary for me to learn those tricks though.

Then again, I am never going to compete so I’ve got no reason to concern myself with this stuff.

My advice is that it’s OK to skip around a bit. There’s no reason to frustrate yourself on a trick(or tricks). You can always come back. At some point, it will come together. We all learn at different rates and different ways. Don’t sweat it.


Skip them if you want. Sometimes learning the moves from tricks up ahead will help you to learn moves in the tricks you’re stuck on.


Who cares about the trick ladder??? I mean if you are trying to compete, get sponsored, and go pro, then perhaps you should try to learn every last trick. But If yoyoing is just your hobby all that matters is you have fun. I could care less about what order I learn tricks. I also dont learn tricks that I dont like the look of.

You should just do what makes you happy.


Don’t skip the slack,whip,laceration!

Grinding maybe look a bit foolish but good whip and laceration catch people’s eyes. You would get bored if you always do combos with string rolls or little hops. Do some common laceration like hook or green triangle laceration then try Paul han’s laceration. Once you can do whip smoothly go to jayyo’s tutorial and learn some rejection whip which will make you popular


these tricks are getting older and older, no doubt most competing players know most of them (especially the highest ranked ones) since it’s from the time they started, some cover the basic principles etc…

But high ranked players have their own tricks and styles

Learning the trick ladder is useful up until the point you start to run into the same principles over and over again, going up to some tricks in (not even all) advanced pt2 is plenty enough to get started on your own, then hop on the website every now and then when you are not inspired, learn part of another trick just to grab some ideas and go back your own way with that.

the trick ladder is like a reference for principles used in making your own tricks. There is however a ladder division in competition, but it’s by far not the most popular division and to me, the least interesting to watch.

when you watch good players some use more slacks, some use more grinds, others use more technical, or visual or body based tricks, it all comes down to what you prefer doing.

I know I let slacks and whips alone for almost 2 years, now I feel i want to learn them and it goes much easier because I have 2 years of practice and experience behind me.

it doesn’t matter in which direction, what matters is that you make progress and you keep having fun in the process. The basics are more or less important and everyone should at least learn some tricks from the ladder, but by no means you’re supposed to know them all.


thanks all of you! i guess for now, since im not even close to being a pro, ill just skip most of them. i still do lacerations (double or triple) and the occasional throwhand grind or thumb grind or finger grind! i want to have funfor now, and if i get bored or run out of tech tricks, ill go back to them!


It doesn’t really matter, personally, whips and grinds are my favorite type of trick, and they can be the most impressing in my opinion


I don’t even do those and I compete (2nd in nationals/french Xdiv and I went through 1A prelims and ended up 9th in 1A -I’m mostly a 5A player-)

Some people will be comfortable with some kinds of tricks, others will like different kinds of tricks, but yes, you’re right, you know enough to just have fun and you’ll be amazed at the progress you’ll make even without the tutorials

the most important if you want to get better is to have fun and meet other players.

(Owen) #10

I would work on them until I got them if I was you.

That would really help your learning skills in yoyoing


I completely agree with this. I’d also like to add that having the proper mentality is equally important. You have to want to do this, the reason and motivation behind that isn’t important, just that inner desire. Meeting other players and throwing together is amazing fun. Learn from each other, share, try other stuff and have a great time. Right there is a lot of motivation.

My motivation is purely selfish though. It’s kind of my “therapy” and relaxation. However, I do try to get out regularly to meet others. I don’t care how bad I am. I’m having fun. Others see I’m having fun. That just fuels a positive environment for all involved. Win-win!