John Ando superstar

Is the John Ando superstar good for grinding? Also, is the quality same as all the other superstars? (2012 series, etc.)

It isn’t very good for grinding as the finish isn’t matte, but you’ll be able to manage if you’re careful not to throw with sweaty hands. Yoyos with a slick, shiny finish are generally poor grinders, but I find that angling your finger/hand/arm more sharply will allow you to grind without many problems. The quality is identical to every other Superstar, meaning that is is machined well and should have all it’s parts installed correctly.

The difference between the John Ando version and other Superstars is the anodizing, not the weight distribution, shape, finish, or internals.

If you like the look of it, buy it. Every Superstar I’ve thrown has been relatively smooth and very stable, so there’s no reason to expect a different colorway to behave differently.

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So, the John Ando superstar’s grinding abilities aren’t that good, compared to the 2012 series and others?

The Champions Collection John Ando Superstar currently available has a blasted finish making it an excellent grinding yoyo.

Oh, really? I don’t mind the hubstacks but I wated a good grinding yoyo. I would love to get the acid and splashed ones, but for the sake of money… Then I think John Ando superstar is better for saving money if it’s also good for grinds. Thx ;D

You can always add hubstacks later with the hubstacks kit, although I believe hubstacks are useless and get boring after 10 minutes. And yes, the John Ando Superstar would be a great choice as the surface is incredibly suited for grinding.

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