Done thanks all

How much do you want for the Ando Superstar and how much do you want for the pre pro dv888


how much for dv888 and speed dial?


Sailing takes me away!

What condition is that DNA in?

Does it come with the hubs or just nubs?

I have stacks i can throw on it if you like. its mint with the exception of the polished rims.

better pics of it here:


you wouldnt want to trade would you?

I’d like to get the John Ando Superstar. What condition is it in???


I’ll take it


Does the polish affect it in any way? And why would you polish the rims of a bead blasted yoyo?

1 no it does not affect it in anyway 2 it still grinds beautifully its only a very small part of the rim thats polished and 3… why? because i love the way it looks it brings some life to a otherwise dull grey color …love the way the sun bounces off the polished aluminum



I want the DNA. send me a message, I’ll top anybody’s price. And I would like the hubs, too, you can throw them on if you want, as long as they come with it.

weres the black and gold