DNA $50 Superstar $60

I have these metal yo-yos, and I don’t play with them much any more.

DNA $50
Perfectly smooth, unlike how the rims look. Ceramic bearing, by the way.

Superstar $60
It’s the Jensen Kimmitt version. It’s in much better condition than the DNA.

Neither of these wiggle enough for me to perceive, despite looking like they have been run through a wood chipper. Quoted prices include shipping, as always with me.

Let me know if you want these.


Yeah, kinda forgot to do the thing, where you reply to your own post, after making an edit, to bring it further up on the “recently unread posts” link. Sorry 'bout that, everyone.

Buy some yo-yos!

Still looking for buyers. Let’s drop the prices down.

One of these is spoken for. But I’m not going to tell you which. -insert evil laugh-

trade new breed for dna

I will buy the DNA

Ill Buy the Superstar