FS/T YYF, YYJ, C3, Turning Point, Crucial, General Yo LF: Supernova

so i figured that im starting to have alot of yoyos so i decided to put some up for sale. if theres anything you want offer.

preferably looking for trades. worst i can do is say no :stuck_out_tongue:

if you want to buy, pm me or msg me in this as well. i expect something reasonable, not like mint Superstar for 30…

everything is perfectly mint unless mentioned.
if there is scratch, scuff, will be mentioned.

unless i say vibe there is no vibe

Row 1

Superstar Superstar(those two are mix matched) Blue John Ando Superstar Green John Ando Superstar Yoga Flame Superstar Pink g5 YYE YYA ed Supernova Pink Acid Supernova Lite Sunset Trajectory

Row 2

One Starlite Custom One of A Kind Modfather FHZ with Weight rims and tons of stuff(prob not goign to sell this… way too good) PGM (has cw marks which make a blue line when it spins, done on purpose) Halo(gold colored) Northstar Northstar Severe Sunset Trajectory

Row 3

Speeder(has dings on the metal rims, slight vibe) Meteor (has two small dings) Projam Yuuksta(A sized concave bearing, decent amount of rim damage, string snapped off and yeah) Custom Modfather FHZ Custom Modfather FHZ(prob not selling those either) Starry Sky 888 [RAIDERS ARE NOT MINE SO NOT FOR SALE] Essence(A grade)

Row 4

Delicious (raw) [UNLEASHED ARE NOT MINE] Super G Loop 900 Loop 900 Catalyst Super G.

Not Shown

Northstar (white as well)
Blue Delicious
Pink Positron
Green Big Yo
White Fiesta
White Fiesta
2 white nylon gloves

which one is the essence?

its the last one on row three. the white line you can take off. its a little bit of dry paint powder that got there. i left it cuz when it spins, theres a sick streak of white which looks really cool.

I might be interested. Could i see a bigger picture of it before I decide I’m interested (if it’s not too much trouble)? Thanks

would you do your super g and a fiesta for a superstar

Get my PM?

yep got ur pm :p. and ill try and get bigger pics soon. my camera isnt working as well so i might have to use my phone.

u need to take a pic of one at a time cant tell whats what but ya thats a lot of yoyos 8)

ah sorry. well what i do is when people send offers and were getting somewhere, i give them clear pics of what they want. didnt really have enough time to post and take a pic of all atm

http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/221/YYJ-SpinFaktor-X :-X i know its not the best :-[ it has one dent on it but besides that quite new ;D anything at all u would trade ?? :-\

im not sure. i dont really know how well it plays considering it looks like a not so quite izm. heard its not too great either but you tell me what are you interested in.

ill takje the super g for 40$

um no. its mint, i dont sell 50% off

Add some, commas, to your, list.