used supernova and other used throws for trade or sale

Lf super g (playable condition doesn’t matter if scratched or dinged must play smooth this goes to all yoyos except flipside)
avant garde 1

supernova orange with black splash has a few scratches on rim but no edit in overall performance smooth as can be comes with a center trac or a spec your decision
sili recess fhz (has 1 green hayabusa cap and its og cap)
sili recess fh2 (buble bee pogs)
metal drifter few pin pricks
maverick painted on the inside not on the rim or catch area some anodizing is rubbed off.
irony jp mint
hot mint
code 2 mint
protostar vibey but can still play
pm me or skype me my name is shadowclawzeke
offers welcome negotiation welcomed.
photo link

bump also the mint yoyos can be offered but probably wont be traded unless their offer is good

Nice minecraft skin bro.

lol thanks