For Sale: Rimjobbed Cobalt Blue Superstar / Purple Milks.

Hey there. Ever notice how your favorite YYF Superstars, like Kentaro Kimura and John Ando, use yoyos with painted rims? They look much flashier, but that’s a lot of work to do. Luckily, there is an alternate, easy solution.

Give your yoyos a rimjob.

I’m currently looking at a drill press and specialized sanding tools to make them easier, but in the meantime, I need to sell some old stock off to help me purchase that.

So currently, here’s my latest test subject, a Cobalt Blue Superstar with a rimjob.

Note: This is just the term I use for sanding down the body, call it whatever you like. I think it looks pretty.

Baseline price (without hubstacks) iis $110, plus $10 shipping in the US, contact me if you want me to ship international.


Add hubstacks + $10 (Note: I do not have o-rings to send out)
Add Center-Trac bearing + $10

Aside from the sanding, the yoyo is otherwise Mint, plays perfectly smooth.

I also have two purple milks for sale (as a set)

They are somewhat banged up, as they are a great 3A set, and I am terrible at 3A.

$100 + $10 shipping for the pair

2 Center-trac bearings +$20

PM Me on the board if you’d like to purchase one of these two, and unless you get out offered by +$20, they’ll be yours.

I only accept paypal, and I will only accept payment within 24 hours of your offer. They will ship out USPS insured within 24 hours of receiving payment.

Just gotta say, that superstar looks sick…