the jk is a great throw from the packaging …but i suggest u get a center trac or a kk to keep it from leaning and twisting

it is really smooth (and quiet until you break in the bearing)overall its an awesome throw!





We JUST had a JK review, that was absolutely horrid. this is even worse!

PROVIDE DETAILS, use proper grammer! the large majority is quiet till the bearing is broken in!!! THATS BECAUSE OF THE BEARING!!! -_-

Give him a break carl, who cares about the missing period and the letter “u” its not a big deal so you dont have to be a nerd about it. I thought the review was good he explained that it’s a good yoyo, my friend is getting one tonight so he will probably say the same thing. thumbs up beast :wink:

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just saying it’s a good yoyo doesn’t provide people with any details about it, other than that he likes it.
Just look at highspeed reviews, or yoyoskill reviews. They’re well put together, with more than a couple sentences. They go into the specs, positives, negatives, finish, etc.
And the leaning and twisting is just due to personal inexperience. a kk or center track won’t really help with that. Your throw will, though.

Also… http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,32490.0.html

that’s how a review should be. pics, specs, etc.

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yea im sorry if im not bill gates >:(

That doesn’t really make sense…

But anyway, Carl, give him a break. He’s new here and most likely hasn’t seen enough to know what you guys want to see in a review. There’s no need to belittle him, get all worked up about his first post, and chase the new members of the board away. It would have been pretty easy to do what dynikus did and show him what he should do next time, and help him out.

Give him a break? I totally agree with Carl on this one as well. This review left me feeling like I knew the JK even less. In fact I didn’t want a JK before I came in here…I want one even less now.

Here’s some constructive criticism to everyone in this thread that believed this was a “good” review.

If you’re going to take the time to review, or even just give your first impressions on a yoyo at least explain how it feels in the hand, how it plays, what it excels or lacks in, and what your personal thoughts on it were overall.

All I took with me after reading the review was that the bearing was loud. No one cares about the stock bearing…you can easily replace or switch it out.

Im sorry, but that wastotally too short. I did not take anytging from that review that was somewhat interesting or important. U basicly said " i really like this yoyo because it is cool." a review should be atleast 8 sentences. Not 2 lines.

Did you guys even read Buddakeith’s post?:

We always want the yoyo community to expand, and we do that by encouraging people and helping them be better next time. So like dynikus said, we should give him the tools to write a better review, so next time he’ll know how to write a substantive review. You guys are just scaring off new people.

Did you read my post? Obviously not. I provided to everyone what a decent review should contain.

I read the entire thread. I meant don’t do it in a harsh way, help him nicely, instead of saying “If you were smart you’d know that this is what a good review should look like. That review was awful.”

Never said it was awful. Wasn’t being harsh either…just honest.