jk question..

y is it that there was about 115 jks in stock and now theres 124 alex kato edition jks which are 3 bucks more… y arent they sellin the regular one

Regular sold out.
Alex kato edition is the final jk release.

Wait. So no more JK’s after this? :’(

wow i ordered a Normal JK last night and they had like 130 when i placed my order… did they really sell out of the normal ones in less than 24 hours ???

My guess is there was some kind of error. Who know you might have order an Alex JK but they labeled it (Online) as a plain JK who knows. We’ll have to wait for a mod to really know.

well i paid the normal price for it so…sweet lol ;D

Their just kidding, their still there.

I shall hide in shame…

i just got the JK in the mail and it was the Alex Kato Edition lol

Congrats. :smiley:

How do you like it? (I love mine. C=)