Jeremyo, I hoped I wouldn't have to do this


Mainly what I’m looking for is someone who knows this guy personally so I can get in touch with him and try to solve my issue that way, but I’ll give the story anyways:
We made a deal on Aug 22nd for my $80 in exchange for 2 throws and some SEs. I had bought some stunt pegs from him before and all went well.
I sent him a check for $80 (I sent him a check for our first transaction as well) and it was transferred over to, I assume, his mom (also like before) and deposited. The next time I got a response from him was Aug 31st when he said he got my money and shipped the stuff. He said he hadn’t responded because of a visit with family out of state. So far still good with me.

I still haven’t gotten my shipment from him, and he hasn’t logged on since I talked to him the 31st. I talked to jrodriguez and he contacted Jeremyo at his personal email, but hasn’t gotten a response there either.

I spoke to my bank and they said they can refund the money to me and do an investigation, but I was really hoping to handle it here first.

If anyone has any info on how to get a hold of him, please PM me. I don’t really want to get a bank going after a 17 year old kid and his mom.



no one yet?


Last bump before I call the bank tomorrow.


Dude just call the bank some people may be in the same state but doesn’t mean we know him


Jeremyo still hasn’t responded to me and has thus earned a ban.


If he tries to get on to make it right will he be able to?



(SR) #8

Interested to know if this situation was resolved?


Thanks for the concern, but no. I’m going to keep trying to contact them via snail mail. But I’m pretty certain my money is lost. :’(


Go to the bank, no need to search for him when they bank can do it. It’s their job to keep your money safe :wink:


The bank has refused to help me. I’m not even sure why. They just said they wouldn’t do it.


Same thing happened to me actually when I first started using the forum. I was burned for 110 dollars, and it made me feel pretty terrible. After a certain amount of time, the bank can’t do anything when it’s a check. You have to do something before it is deposited or shortly after, letting them know it was a fraudulent transaction. Of course, I found this out afterwards, but it’s good to know for the future.