Jensen world 2011

My mind is BLOWN. I know… Old news. Still, amazing.

Onw throw, smoothest play I’ve seen in my whole life. No, seriously. It’s like’a lullaby.

The regens could put me to sleep their amazing.

This is amazing to watch

Although some might be doing more complicated variations
NOBODY is doing it this smooth frickin incredible

This is the dude if you want one sick high production yo-yo video

It was good, the yoyoing was impressive, but there was little interaction with the audience

He did that on purpose. If you were trying to sleep, you wouldn’t try to interact with your family members.

anyone else notice it was 1 throw :stuck_out_tongue:

I did… ;D

… And does anyone know what yoyo he was using?

he was using a clyw chief.

Did the first time I saw it.