Alex Fairhurst - One Throw

Thanks for watching! Tell me what you guys think!  :wink:


Wow!! Very smooth!!! ;D Do you make your own tricks or just add elements from other tricks…

If you answered to the second question, then what tricks?

I made this trick up, yes. But you can find some elements from other tricks. For example I use part of cold fusion, The first step of yuuki slack, and there’s some ripcord like movements in there, too.

I honestly love doing ripcord related tricks. Makes a nice flash to a trick.

Yup! I find it’s also a smooth and easy transition!

Anyone else have any comments? Would love to hear what people think!

DUDE! You’re freaking amazing!
How long have you been throwing for?
Also any advice for someone who’s been throwing for like 5 months??

Been throwin’ for a year and 4 months now.

As for tips, just keep watching videos of the people who inspire you the most. Also every once in a while you will hit what feels like a plateau where you don’t feel like you’re getting any better for an extended amount of time. It’s tough, but just keep going.

Dude! I feel that way right now. Like I stopped getting better! Haha I thought you have been yo-yoing way longer with your skill.

Thanks man! ;D

With enough practice I’m sure you’ll get there. You may even be better than me one day.

Really amazing video man! What throw is that?

Thanks a lot! I’m glad you like it! ;D

The yoyo is a CLYW Avalanche. Fool’s Gold.

that is practically tied for my favorite throw! its that and my chief right now.

You know how you can tell from someones throw if it will be a good video or not? Well from your first throw I new I would like it, seriously great one throw video. I like the smoothness and how it looks simplistic then you break into the whips and slacks.

Thanks, Slade! Means a lot coming from someone such as yourself who has been around for so long.

Well I have only been active on the forum since February 2011 so just a year, hehe, been yoyoing for 2 years and 3 months though. Still thanks for the thanks, hehe. I would like to see more videos from you though, I really (for some reason) digged that boing motion you did towards maby the last third of your combo, around 42-43 seconds or so.


Dear god, that was smooth