Jensen Kimmit's and Paul Han's Cal State freestyles up on

Jensen Kimmit’s and Paul Han’s Cal State freestyles up on!

Great coverage!!

Paul’s was great. He was really engaging and fun to watch, and his tricks were really awesome.

I was really bored by Jensen’s freestyle.

While I do agree with J. Lev that, while Jensen’s tricks were still great, the freestyle was pretty boring for me.


Not to hop on a ‘bandwagon’ or anything but I would have to agree. Paul engaged the crowed and seemed to genuinely be having fun. Jensen, on the other hand was too serious for me. He made me think he didn’t even want to be there or something. Maybe it’s just me. I prefer Paul’s style more.
My $.02

Even though Jensen didn’t really do much with the crowd, you guys are still mad that he left CLYW for YYF. Get over it already.

Hey buuuuudy, learn to read. No one said ANYTHING about YoYoFactory or CLYW.

If your talking about me, I don’t really care about the Jensen scandal or whatever, I genuinely prefer Paul’s style.

Both did great and both deserve props for killing it on stage. I really am impressed at how well jensen keeps his cool on stage. I wish I could keep my cool half as well as he does when it comes to competition.

Paul killed it too. I feel like jensen’s song sorta killed it for me but his tricks were still sick as ever.

i think both had great tricks, but jensin was superconcentrated. paul was definately having more fun, but he messed up alot more than jensin. i like his hiruki suzki style type, the super fast OMG type triks! both amazing players without a doubt. jensin is acting to much like a gangster in my opinion