jensen is back

I love the way this was shot.

Yeah, it’s very impressive and very well done. They did a great job with everything.

Must’ve been hard. One take, blistering cold, and all. Really well done. Can’t wait for more.

wait, so he’s back with clyw for the 3rd time?

He’s just working for them, not technically sponsored. Him and Chris made another video not long ago too.

He’s been back for like 4 months…

kind of but not really, this video showcases some major competition tricks and then says coming soon, that sounds like he might start competing again

Ahhh okkk. But I meant he’s been back in the community for about 4 months.

If he doesnt compete ill shoot myself.

All that for gasp an overpriced apparel company.

had to watch it twice… i cant wait for the full thing to come out

I think that was the whole thing…also, I think what they meant by ‘coming soon’ is potentially a Jensen Kimmitt clothing line made by Raised by Wolves or potentially a CLYW line of apparel. If you go to the website that was mentioned in the video; you would notice that it’s a very expensive apparel(clothing) company.

It’s a return top, not clothing.

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:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D

sorry bout the double post, and now tripple perhaps mods will delete the last two for me?

I like the CLYW hats more than the Raised by wolves hats…

who cares… its an awesome video enjoy it. i just watched it again in hd with nice headphones and it is twice as good…

Thanks for the HUGE hint! I peed my pants after reading that…no joke