JENSEN birthday 23 / 2017


Happy Birthday JENSEN From EIEIYO


Not even sure Jensen visits here?

But regardless; Jensen is probably one of the most misunderstood guys I have ever met.

He is ‘Outside the Box’. I mean that as a compliment.

Nowadays being a Great yoyo player is not that unusual. There are so many Excellent player around the World its simply amazing.

Jensen is no Virtuoso. He didnt get to his playing level with a quickness. He has been throwing for years and years now.

But he perfected the Recipe. When it has to do with yoyo; Jensen knows how to Cook.

He has a style and presence that is distinctive. A few others have somewhat emulated some of his stage movements/mannerisms. But Jensen is the OG.

Jensen; over time seemed to identify yoyo playing as a sort of Zen/Art/Flow form. No doubt he proved he could enter and win Yoyo Contests. But; Like Charles; moved away from Competition because he didnt need to prove anything beyond winning 7 major Yoyo Contests in 1 year; most with a 30 dollar yoyo, haha.

Rules; guidelines, regulations and Contest procedures, Cramped Jensens’ borderless flowing style.

It is said the Genius and Crazy are right next to each other on the flow chart.

Jensen it a lot of one and a little of the other.

Jensen is one badd man…

Happy Birthday Homie…