Jekyll & Hyde: SPIN - A High Speed YoYo Review


This review is of a prototype; please keep in mind that while most of the specs have been finalized some can change before the actual release. The yo-yo industry is rife with startups. It seems like every time you turn around some player has decided that they can do it better. This is not a bad thing by any means; it gives us a diverse amount of products that fit a multitude of needs. Without these start ups we wouldn’t have companies like G-Squared or even General Yo. Today’s start up is Jekyll & Hyde: SPINS started by teenage players Wilson and Sean, two well known forum members from YoYo Expert. I have to applaud these two for actually starting a yo-yo company at that age 16 and 17 respectively. At that age I was just working on high school, hanging with friends, and geeking on my computer. I never would have dreamed of starting up a business. The first yo-yo design from this new company is the Lunar Wind, a rather crazy looking design. As with every other review of a freshman effort from an start up company we have to ask the important question, “does it have a place in the industry?” Time to find out.

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(UmeNagisa) #2

Getting such great feedback from this!
And I Appreciate the compliment regarding our age :slight_smile:

We will get rid of that tiny rim bump, to get rid of any pain.
and blasting is a must for sure!

We also have 2 of these for sale right now!
PM me, for details :slight_smile: