New Companies

Hey y’all. I’ve been making yoyo designs with my friend who is studying drafting and we are to the point where we want to start making prototypes. I was wondering however, do you guys think it is even possible to start a company from nothing nowadays? Idk but to me it just seems like the market is already saturated, so I just wanted to hear some other opinions about starting companies.

ya there are many people trying it out like jekyll and hydes yoyo company. I think they are teens and they have gotten some good press review. I think they have their 2 or 3d proto and they started with a crazy idea and they actually have a company now. Hope this helps.

Yes it’s very possible.

J&H Spins has done 2 proto’s and is currently looking for an anodizer for production.

Deadly SpINS has already done production on the Wrath and is currently working in releasing the Pride.

All you have to do is work an be patient. Save for machining and make sure your designs are in reason.

Just wanted to put out J&H:SPINS have not made 2protos. Theyve made on proto and are currently eorking on their first actual run, not another run of protos. They may be up on yye as well…

A few others have started companies as well, check the manufacturing section and you’ll see a few people already have started nee companies.

He speaks the truth.
The first run, however is gonna be a bit different from the Protos, so it is understandable how taht was misconceived.

(Yes I’m. A Co.Owner. and I’m 17, my partner Sean is 18)

If youve got the rescourses to start a company and if your really into yoyos then go for it

Good Luck

oh. Ok I knew that you changed it up a little so I figured you made another thing of proto’s.

First thing you need is a good design.
Second thing you need is money.
Those are the 2 essentials in starting a company, one of them I’m lacking at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

As has been mentioned, you need to start with enough money to make a few decent runs if you want to seem established and reputable, nobody like to spend too much time waiting on prototypes. The advantage you have is that pretty much whatever you put out will be bought by at least a few people, as is the tradition in the yoyo community provided you don’t charge extortionate prices.

My advice would be to get a marketing strategy and/or theme worked out, then come out with a decent run of competatively priced throws… nobody wants to spend $150 on an unknown company so get the pricing right on the first runs. Get some protos out to reputable reviewers so that you can get the word spread and get some excitement going for your design beforehand.

Come in with competative pricing (not too low though or people will assume they are cheaply made), a solid and relatively original design (where possible) and a good theme/marketing strategy and you’ll be sorted.

Also, make sure you deliver. If you all of a sudden get popular but then don’t have the money, resources or business ethic to ship out orders or produce more runs, then your reputation will dimish quickly.

… but perhaps most importantly, make good yoyos. Don’t just throw together a design off the top of your head, accept the first prototype that comes off the lathe and start production. Try out a few different weights, different weight distributions and tweaks in designs so you can get a feel for what works and what will produce the best throw. The top brand designers know so much about yoyo design that they can pretty much design based around how they want a throw to play and feel, so you need to start learning how design affects performance.

The reason people like General Yo, Onedrop, YYR, CLYW and so popular is that when it all comes down to it, they know a hell of a lot about making good yoyos.

If you need to burn $1000+ on different prototypes until you get something thats truly special, then so be it. It’ll help you in the long run. If you don’t have the money or committment to do this, then you’ll just need to accept that you’ll never be up there with the big names.

At any rate, good luck. I hope it all works out. =)

Thats awesome advice. This isn’t going to happen very soon at all, but I know people with the equipment to make as many prototypes I need until something stands out. I have to get together money though so that’s what will take the longest. Anyways, thanks everyone for the knowledge. I feel really good about our project so hopefully in the future I can produce some dope throws for all of you.

You guys are awesome.

Hopefully, the people making Protos for your have the precision for yoyos! There are many cases of people, who dont have instruments precise enough.

No worries! The fact that you stated:

Proves that you care about making a quality product rather than simply just about the money or the novelty of making your own throw, and in the long run that attitude will play a large part in your success.

As Caribou Chris (among others) has proved, it’s more than possible to build up a reputable yoyo company on your own. As long as you have the drive and the passion you’ll find a way to make it work.

Also I’m always happy to support up and coming ventures where possible. I loved the Gambit that I preordered from Yomagic, so when it comes to prototype stage I’ll be more than happy to put in a preorder if required (provided my circumstances allow so at the time). =)