Jason Lee?

So I’m on yyf’s ask.fm and I see a lot of questions concerning Jason Lee’s health, social media, etc. He’s one of my favorite yoyoers and I want to know what’s going on. Anybody got info?


HAHAHA nah he’s good. I think Jensen is genuinely concerned though…


He does not seem good to me…

Quick, if he’s crazy, ask for free anodizing.

Were you confusing him with Jason Wong? :-\ Or, does Jason Lee do anodizing too?

He’s either very bipolar or very good at pretending to be bipolar.

WHOA What’s going on with him?!

Jason is not in good health. His close friends are sticking by and we, his fans, are hoping for the best. I do think however, the one thing we need to keep in mind is being respectful towards Jason. Whatever, he may be going through, it is not our business to stick our noses into. I think those who are close to him and who genuinely care will help him get back on his feet. As for us, we should remain respectful, encouraging, and positive.

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Sorry, my mistake.