Jason Lee VS Guy Wright. The never ending battle...


These guys are so good at what they do, but which do you like more?  all in good fun guys.  :slight_smile:

Jason Lee

Guy Wright

(Jerrod) #2



Always like the Jason Lee stuff!

(Owen) #4

I thought this was a real battle…


You couldn’t have picked a harder decision. Both have such unique styles and are up there in my favorite players. If we’re going by better actual video, I would say Jason Lee, but tricks are a totally different story. It’s a hard decision indeed…


I agree with you, Jason’s editing was as good as it gets, but guys tricks… dang.

(SR) #7

Guy Wright. The answer is always Guy Wright, except in the case of Jensen Kimmitt. Because Jensen… is, well… Jensen.


bump i guess… still waiting for some more opinions.

(laxdude99) #9

jason lee such an innovator, I love Guy Wright but really dont think the two should be in the same sentence

Jason is a national champ and made up pretty much every element people use today

(UmeNagisa) #10

Oh gosh, cray choice!

what yoyo is jason using?

(Jerrod) #11



one of the hardest choices ever. IMO Jason lee has the most unique style of tricks that I have ever seen, but guy wright is just… so smooth and artsy n’ stuff…