Ask/Help Jason Lee (GIVEAWAY 1-7-14 to 1-12-14- Win an Olloclip!)

Hey everyone,

My name’s Matt McDade and as some may know I am the main interviewer for YoYoNews. Upon getting this opportunity, my first instinct was to get a hold of my all time favorite yoyoers and ask if they would like to be interviewed. One of those being Jason Lee, I got a “yes” answer as well as something a bit extra from Jason.

As a lot of people know, Jason has been backpacking all over the world but is currently in the USA and will be here for a little while. If anyone follows him on Instagram (trust me, you should) you have seen that Jason has amassed about 1000 followers in 24 hours. Jason,

1. Has been to 70 countries on his own
2. Left home 10 years ago
3. Has over 200,000 photos to prove it.

In doing my interviews, I typically message or email a yoyoer back and forth until it’s all done. With Jason however, we both have something a little different in mind. We set up an account in which you can:

  1. Ask Jason Lee questions, literally absolutely anything that you want
  2. Jason will answer these questions via Instagram (remember, over 200,000 photos)

Only 100 questions till it’s gone. You have one week, starting January 7th, 2013. Ask away, and Jason and I will pick the top 100 questions. Want help with a trick? Want to see Superman or And Whut? again? Jason will help you. Jason will personally pay you $1, send you a card and a print of the photograph that goes along with your question if it is picked

Jason’s/my is:

So, follow Jason on instagram (@jasonleecifer) and search and use the hashtag #dtour

Follow Jason on Facebook as well (

The primary goal throughout all of this is not only to get Jason more followers on both Instagram and Facebook but for Jason to be able to help the community as well. 2014 is Jason’s year to “try”, with the main inspiration being Danny Severance’s death.

All of these questions, photos, everything will eventually be compiled into my YoYoNews story on Jason and although I am the author behind it, it’s up to the community to help write it.

Rather than begging you for followers and giving you a story as an incentive, there’s more. Jason has plans for every 500 followers that he gets.

1. 1500 Followers- Fidget 2
2. 2000 Followers- Jason gives away a GoPro

So on and so forth

Jason is deleting his instagram when he leaves the US again (possibly next Spring).

This is entirely legit, and Jason needs your help through followers and general support of his idea. Jason is not only an amazing yoyoer, but an amazing person as well with ideas that are not only unique but seriously just awesome.

To begin, Jason would like to give away an Olloclip 3-in-1 for an iPhone. Jason wants to give it to someone that needs it. Post your videos or photos to Instagram using




and prove that you can use it. Jason will check them out, and send the Olloclip to the winner. Bear in mind that throughout all of this, Jason’s promise of doing as he said for the amount of followers he gets is also in effect as well, so be sure to follow Jason on Instagram and Facebook!

This opportunity is something very different for me, but it’s Jason’s unique and awesome idea and I think that this is something that we can all benefit from. If there are any questions, post them here and I’ll get them to Jason. He said he isn’t going to read this as he trusts me to get his name out there. So, get to it!


Accidental bump.

Sounds sweet.

I looked up the page and couldn’t find it. Link?

Hopefully it works!

when do you think the B/S/T for his yo-yos will go up?

Won’t be long, and it’ll be on my account.

edit: later tonight/early tomorrow


If he’s deleting his instagram why would he care about the amount of followers he gets?

BST coming tomorrow!